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We are designing and playing back (hero) screen contents for movies.

We offer all-around graphics and motion design services for your project.


Our skilled playback team, armed with in-house designed software, can put any content to any screen.


Our growing rental inventory consists of tried and tested displays and machines we know from experience are easy to integrate in any project.

If you decide to take our all-around service, you are not only renting graphics artists, playback technicians and rental equipment. You are getting a complete workflow: seamless integration of all elements, with our in-house testing and project management. You will not have to worry for your graphics to be the wrong size for the wrong screen, or the tablet being incompatible. We will manage every detail, from communication with your creative crew on one end, to integration with set design, interactivity to your talents, right thru the billing and invoicing. We can also offer you better prices, faster turnarounds, and great communication between departments.
Even if you decide to have your own graphics team, our playback operators are ready to communicate their needs and receive instructions to create stunning on-set visuals. We can take design of only the motion effects, based on the stills and graphics done by your in-house designers. Our rental team is happy to service third party customers, and advise if more or different equipment is needed.
It is very hard to calculate equipment and rental costs to a movie set, especially if the needs are changing quickly. Some aspects can only be assessed when the location is selected and built. Some screens may only need a small device hidden between them - more complicated sets needs hundreds of meters of cable, switches and amplifiers. On top of that comes the software costs and the manpower. In Fillscrn, we decided from the beginning to make this process easier for our clients. We work with fixed per screen costs, no matter how easy or difficult thew hardware is behind it. Your only choice if it is interactive (used directly by the talent or otherwise needed to directly interact with the scene), non-interactive (like generic office screens, or loops in the background), and self-player (non-interactive devices that do not need any external hardware - like an iPad or a laptop). This way, you can easily budget for a set (actually, we are happy to do that for you), and the costs will not change with a set change - unless you decide to add more screens, and even then it’s very easy to calculate.

What sets us apart?


Actors are happy - they act easier with visual feedback and real displays

DoP is happy - no greenscreen spill, displays can actually act as a creative light source

Producers are happy - cheaper to do on set than VFX replacement for every screen

Director is happy - they see the whole scene instantly, with real timings

Editor is happy - easier to edit with visuals in place, precise timing

Sound designer is happy - better to work on the whole scene, rather than follow vfx

Anybody watching rushes is happy - to see a complete and finished scene with no misunderstandings


Needs preplanning and creation of graphics before shoot

Live elements (such as skype calls) need more actors and sets

Harder to change after the shoot

Needs a little more effort on set (versus much more in post)

Recent Portfolio
Creative People

Our versatile crew consists of a variety of people. The graphics artists and motion designers create your vision. The playback technicians, operators and supervisors are there to put your imagination into real life experience. Warehouse crew is available 24/7 for you to load and unload the rented gear. And the office crew is there for you to coordinate everything from beginning until the end.

Balázs Balogh
Creative Director, Motion Graphics Designer and Playback Supervisor
Balázs Rozgonyi
Technical Director and Playback Supervisor
Barna Sándor
Playback operator
Viki Eperjesi
Graphics Designer
Péter Kuglics
Warehouse crew member, Playback Technican
László Drávecz
Warehouse crew member
Károly Balla
Warehouse crew member
What People Say

We have satisfied clients from all over the world. We work on every genre, size and budget, from docudaramas to A-list features.

Fillscrn is the best playback crew you can find In Hungary. I’ll always work with them because they help me achieve my vision.

Attila ‘Digi’ Kővári Art Director

I’ve worked many times with the group at Fillscrn, but it wasn’t until my most resent job where I had to work more closely with them that I realized how talented they are. I have worked all over the world and I can honestly say that they can compete with anyone anywhere!

Deryck Blake Propmaster
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